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With BitCloudAcademy our main objective is to help educate you on the crypto currency market and provide opportunities for you to participate in that will give you both short-term and long-term gains 3 ways to pay :

1- Mining pool shares

2- 2x3 Cycler

3- 2x12 Residual Forced Matrix

I. Overview

With your entry fee of $250 you will get a position in the cycler, position in the silver residual matrix and also $10 worth of bitcoin mining in our mining pool.

You can choose to join any part of the program or choose the full package and receive 2x3 cycler position a free one month silver residual 2x12 matrix + mining shares.

No Sponsoring Required to Earn in the Mining Pool or the Residual Matrix only the cycler will require 2 sign ups to qualify.


Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoins are created by a process called mining, in which users who offer their computing power verify and record payments into a public ledger in exchange for transaction fees and newly minted bitcoins.Users can buy, send and receive bitcoins electronically for a nominal fee using wallet software on a personal computer, mobile device or a web application. Bitcoins can be obtained by mining or in exchange for products, services, or other currencies.

Within BitCloudAcademy package you will receive bitcoin mining for 500 days.

Make 5% from your first level downline when they buy a mining membership, 2.5% on the level 2 & 3.



We Have a 2x3 Splitting Board Reverse Matrix System.

BitCloudAcademy has only one 2x3 matrix to work! We made it as simple as possible and we payout over 90%! This is the KING of all Cycler compensation plans!

Everyone starts at the bottom line of the 2x3 and when the 8-line fills,

the board splits into two new boards and everyone moves up according to their color.


When you join you are “green”.

When you have
(1) personal you are “silver”.

When you have
(2) personals you are “gold”. All “silvers” jump “greens”, all “gold” jump “green” and “silver” on the split. THIS IS EXTREMELY POWERFUL as you also can NOT be jumped if you are “gold” and you can possibly reach the top quicker.

Each time you reach the top of the 2x3, you will be paid for every member coming in the bottom 1-$125 -->2-$125 -->3-$125 -->4-$125 -->5-$125 -->6-$125 -->7-$125 -->8-$125. You also receive an automatic re-entry ($250 value) following your sponsor onto his/her existing board to do it over again! All your personal signups follow you.

Leaders bonus:


I join and refer 6 members, that will give me 6 points, 2 points will come off to qualify myself on the board and leaving me with 4 points, now once i cycle the board and come back in i can use 2 of my 4 points remaining to qualify myself right away.


Residual Matrix

A Look At Business Matrix Plans - 2x12 residual forced matrix

What is a Forced Matrix System?
A Forced Matrix is a system where there is a limit to the number of referrals any affiliate member can refer.

For example,The matrix width is 2, an affiliate member (Affiliate 1) can refer a maximum number of 2 people directly below him. Any future referrals will automatically be placed below one of the 2 members he referred right below him, forcing the matrix to fill up, up to the number of commission levels you have specified.




Qualification Level # Downline Per Level Pay Per Level Total Per Level Accumulative Total
No Need To Sponsor To Qualify #1 #2 $20.00 $40.00 $40.00
$10.00 $20.00 $20.00
#2 #4 $16.00 $64.00 $104.00
$8.00 $32.00 $52.00
#3 #8 $4.00 $32.00 $136.00
$2.00 $16.00 $68.00
#4 #16 $4.00 $64.00 $200.00
$2.00 $32.00 $100.00
Maintain 1 Personally Sponsored Member #5 #32 $4.00 $128.00 $328.00
$2.00 $64.00 $164.00
#6 #64 $4.00 $256.00 $584.00
$2.00 $128.00 $292.00
Maintain 2 Personally Sponsored Members #7 #128 $4.00 $512.00 $1096.00
$2.00 $256.00 $548.00
#8 #256 $4.00 $1024.00 $2120.00
$2.00 $512.00 $1060.00
Maintain 3 Personally Sponsored Members #9 #512 $4.00 $2048.00 $4168.00
$2.00 $1024.00 $2084.00
#10 #1024 $4.00 $4096.00 $8264.00
$2.00 $2048.00 $4132.00
Maintain 4 Personally Sponsored Members #11 #2048 $4.00 $8192.00 $16456.00
$2.00 $4096.00 $8228.00
#12 #4096 $4.00 $16384.00 $32840.00
$2.00 $8192.00 $16420.00


To activate Your Residual Matrix earnings, You need to pay your Monthly Membership ($50 for Silver and $100 for Gold Membership) and begin to earn commissions on levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Enroll 1Monthly Memberships and earn commissions on 5 and 6. Enroll 2 Monthly Memberships and earn commissions on 7 and 8.

Enroll 3 Monthly Memberships and earn commissions on 9 and 10 and enroll four and earn on all 12 levels of the 2x12 Expandable Matrix.

Any Member who has NOT made a payment in 30 days or more beyond their last renewal date, will be Dynamically Compressed from the Matrix.

The account is not removed from BitCloudAcademy Network, just removed from the Matrix and will permanently lose their existing Matrix Downline and income potential on that downline.

If a member is removed from the matrix after a 30 days of inactivity, he will be replaced by a new member newly join under the same sponsor.Remember DEAD SPOTS HURT YOU.

Downline re-enter at the bottom of the Matrix when they reactivate.

2x12 Matrix Commissions are paid instantly after the downline payment.

The Goal

There's NO QUICK RICHES, There's No Magic Program (cyclers, 1 ups, Reverse 2 ups, etc.)...That's ALL HYPE & HOOPLA! It's take YOU getting 2 referrals, and helping your referrals get Two!!!...and then PATIENCE & PERSISTENCE!!! Any PROGRAM OWNER that tells you ANY SOONER than 2-3 months, is really just serving you a pipe-dream!!! Never Quit...Never Quit...NEVER QUIT!!! Today Is The First Day On Your Road To Success! Don't Waste Another Day... Click the link below to get started with BitCloudAcademy!